Hair Style

Last week, I made a hair appointment to Ulta. I’ve never been there before to get my hair done, so I was nervous lol. I usually have my one main person to do my hair, but they are closed on Monday’s. I’m going out of town this weekend so I wanted to get something that would last. I wanted braids BUT I decided to get a blowout instead, case in point why I went to Ulta.

When I got there, the lady who was doing my hair was very professional and polite. She was really nice. She offered me coffee or water which was new to me because that’s never happened to me before at any salon lol. She really looked at my hair and catered to my needs. Since I’m going natural, she understood because she also was natural for some time. I haven’t had a relaxer since last October/November (7-8 months) so I had ALOT of new growth at the top of my head.

Like I stated, my stylist was very professional and gentle, it was probably one of the best shampoo and conditioning treatments I’ve ever had.


My hair is actually longer than I thought. I guess since it’s stretched out, I have some length now. She also told me that I could come back once a month or just contact her when I need too. She’s the only person who does blowouts there. I can honestly say that I will be going back, I want to add highlights. She also recommended the products that she used on me and since Ulta is having a sale on all there hair products, I will be going back to purchase them.

I would have to say that today was a success!!!! 😊

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