Mini Haul/Lip Swatches

Last week I went to Walmart and every time I go, I HAVE to venture to the makeup isle 😊. I decided to pick up the e.l.f. beauty sponge and three lipsticks from Revlon.

Left to Right: Caramel Glace’, Coffee Bean, & Mink. 

Caramel Glace’ & Coffee Bean are pearl shades and Mink is a creme.

Caramel Glace’

Coffee Bean


I’ve worn Caramel Glace’ and Mink and they lasted pretty much all day. I have yet to wear Coffee Bean. It does pull a little red orange but it’s a brownish. All in all, I’m happy with these. I really love Mink because it’s a color that I would wear, it’s like a my lips but better type shade.

I can’t wait to pick up more shades! 

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