New Hair…Style🤗

Yesterday, I went and got my hair done. I decided to get box braids. Since I’m going back to Denver next week, I wanted something very simple. I didn’t want to have to do my hair while I’m away for a month.

I haven’t had braids in 5 years! I’m super excited lol.

This is what I used the night before to prepare for the braids. I washed my hair with the Tresemme anti breakage conditioner. Then I applied the OGX coconut milk hair serum. I also used the SheaMoisture 10 in one renewal conditioner as a leave in, then I applied the Silk Elements Sweet Almond Oil to my hair and ends. Lastly, I sprayed some Creme of Nature leave in conditioner in my hair.

This made it real easy for the stylist because she asked me if she needed to wash my hair and I was like nope! The whole braiding process took about 3 to 4 hours. I can definitely say that I’ll be going back to get more styles.

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