Yet Another Purchase

My MAC purchase came in the mail Tuesday. I purchased Spice Lipglass and Barbados Girl Highlight.


Believe it or not, I’ve never used a highlight and I’ve been looking for a good one. I was going to get MAC Gold Deposit or BECCA Rose Gold. But when I saw these Lustre Drops, I fell in love. I’ve also been wanting Spice Lipglass since last year, I just never got it.

MAC’s website describes Spice as a midtonal neutal nude (not a typo, literally typing what I see off the website😊). They describe the Lustre Drops as a rose gold bronzer.


In the picture I’m wearing the highlight and lipglass. To me, this highlight is very pretty. It was easy to blend out with a brush. The lipglass really is a nude color. But on me, it blends in with my natural lip color and looks almost pink on me.


I did purchase these items last week when MAC was having their BFF 15% off Sale. I’m very pleased with these items.


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