Life Update

So I haven’t posted in I’m guessing about 2 weeks now. The reason for that is because on March 20, 2016, my father passed away. Long story short (because if I really wanted to go into it, I’d be writing all day long), he passed away due to the flu. This man has served with the Marines for 8 years, battled cancer twice, just to be taken away from his family by the FLU! He thought he could beat it, but it came out of no where, like literally NOWHERE!

So this is where I’ve been, home with family for this past week. His funeral was Saturday the 26th and his burial was today. He was buried in the Veteran’s Cemetery. And now my mind has gone blank! I know that he would have wanted me to continue doing what I loved to do, so I will do that! I haven’t really been in the mood, but I think after today and tomorrow I will be.


Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!!



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