First House of Lashes Purchase 

It’s so nice here in NC, other than the pollen and ragweed being thrown around by the wind. 

Last week, I made a lash purchase from House of Lashes. And after doing some research, I decided to go with the individual ones. These looked like they would be easier to put on. 

I’ve only used four so far, 2 on each eye. I’m loving these lashes. I like these a whole lot better than regular strip lashes because I can place these wherever I want or need them to be.

They are also very, VERY comfortable to wear. Since I wear glasses, the regular strip lashes would always hit or touch the lenses and irritated me lol. But these individual lashes make it easier to wear my glasses 🤓.

I just use regular tweezers to apply them, duo lash glue and mascara. I would most definitely recommend individual lashes and I will be purchasing more! 



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