I’m currently still here in lovely Aurora, CO visiting my significant other. While I’m here, I was able to go to Sephora and pick up a foundation. This weekend, we went to the mall and wanted to walk through Macy’s to see what they had. Then all of a sudden my boyfriend stops me and says there’s your stuff, there’s MAC. Man you gotta love him lol. 

I honestly had no intentions on buying anything from MAC, but this lovely young lady approached me and asked if I needed help/color matched to anything. At first, I said no, but then I decided to go ahead and get matched to a powder. Seeing as there’s not a MAC store in my hometown I would have to rely on the Internet and I don’t be having time for that!

As we talked and she found out my skin type, she went ahead and proceeded with applying a primer and then the power foundation. She matched me in the Studio Fix Plus Foundation. I’m a NC43. At first I thought she said NC42 but when I got home and saw NC43 I was skeptical. 

So today I tested it out and it’s a perfect match. It felt like I wasn’t wearing anything on my face! It’s very lightweight and medium to full coverage.

All in all, I’m very pleased with this purchase and would definitely recommend especially if you don’t always have time to do a complete full face.



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