Forever 21 Haul


So this is a little different. I usually post makeup looks/hauls, but tonight I decided to post a clothing haul. Yesterday, I went to Forever 21. Our mall is currently on holiday hours so I wanted to go as soon as they opened! I got 4 basic tees and a hoodie.



I really love these shirts. They are sooo comfy. And for $3.90, you really cannot beat that! I should have got more and some leggings but there’s always next time.


Here’s my favorite thing, my Disney hoodie! I wanted just a basic hoodie, but they were sold out in my size in ALL the colors. I decided to get this. I love Disney and I love Mickey..


I also love Goofy and Donald Duck lol. That’s the back. I didn’t try it on, just got my size so hopefully it fits well and if not, back it goes!

So that’s my haul. I like doing these and probably will do more, or look of the days since my classes are about to be over!

Thanks for stopping by & Happy Holidays!!!

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