November Favs

It seems like forever since I’ve been up here. I see a lot has changed. But any who, I am so happy that it is finally December! I can now turn on my Pandora and listen to Christmas music😆

But since it is December 2nd, I decided to go ahead and post my November favs. I wasn’t loving a whole lot of things last month, just two things to be exact. I was loving my Nivea Lip Butter and LASHES! I have finally got into wearing them, now that I have taken the time to learn how to apply them.

Nivea lip butter

I am absolutely loving this! The smell is heavenly. I am starting to like this over my regular Nivea Milk and Honey in stick form. I feel as though this keeps my lips moisturized and I don’t have to keep applying it. It’s going to take me a while to finish this too which is also a plus because I honestly hate buying chapstick!

Here are a few of the lash looks I have been liking.


These I got from the NYX Cosmetics website I think in 2010 or 2011. They no longer sell this style or the other style that I got from them.


I got these from Walmart maybe a week or so ago. I didn’t like these. These are self-adhesive lashes. Basically you don’t need glue for these, you just apply them to your lashes. When I did this, they would barely stick on. Lets just say I wore them for maybe an hour before I took them off. I like demi wispies, so I am currently looking for more.


These I got from the website on that card above. They sell lashes and duo glue single or in bulk for discounted prices. I liked these until I opened them. They were strip lash, but they had glue or whatever it is holding the lashes together all over them. I still used them but it felt weird so I took them off and in the trash they went!

I am still on the hunt for some decent looking lashes😊

But that was it for my November favs! I hope you all had a nice and safe Thanksgiving! Happy Holidays!!!!


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