Ulta & Barnes

A few days ago, Ulta emailed me saying that I had some playtime or bonus points that they gave me, but expired today. So I decided to go ahead and go and get a brush that I have been wanting since it came out last year. I got the IT Cosmetics brush from the IT Brushes For ULTA line. I got the Airbrush Essential Bronzer Brush #114. I plan on using this to apply my foundation/tinted moisturizer that I have. This brush and all the brushes from this line are sooooo soft! My sister was even touching them and saying how she just wanted to rub her face with them (she doesn’t wear makeup).




This is dense as well, that’s why I am using it for foundation.



I also like how it comes with the cover because I feel as though once it goes into my bag, it’ll stay clean and also keep its shape.


Then I took a walk to Barnes & Noble to get a book. I got James Patterson’s Worst Case. This is in the Michael Bennett series, book #3. I love this series. It usually takes me about a week or two to read them.


So this is what my Saturday was like today. I feel as though it was really productive lol. Nothing like a nice day with some shopping thrown in. Have a nice weekend, and I’ll catch you all later!!!


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