Compatibility Chart❤️

Libra and Taurus (The DailyHoroscope by Comitic) 

 Libra and Taurus compatibility chart: 

 This combination is usually difficult, but not impossible. If you get into long lasting relationship with Taurus, it will teach you a lot, as well as your partner. Libra brings affection and warmth to Taurus. You will find the persistent nature of Taurus to be very appealing, especially when it comes to aiming for things in life. The patience of Taurus will come in handy when handling your indecisiveness. Be careful however. While Taurus quietly tolerates you, his patience is not infinite and once the limit is met, you will be seriously surprised by the emotional storm that will unexpectedly hit you. The two of you share mutual satisfaction for each other. When you have a major disagreement, the two of you can get into violent confrontation. Libra finds it hard to tolerate the dictating nature and attitude of Taurus. The two of you can get along if you work on your differences and learn to compromise. Libra has a good way of inspiring and encouraging Taurus, and this helps Taurus to achieve so much in life. You bring a change to creative endeavors, speculation and love, which will stimulate Taurus. Taurus is also a sort of a faithfulness fanatic and flirtatious nature of Libra can be a serious impediment to a successful relationship and a cornerstone of many arguments. Therefore if you want to avoid this, it is important not to make Taurus feel jealous. Stubbornness is another trait that Taurus exhibits, and their stubbornness can be exemplified when they are under pressure or when cornered. 




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