Ulta Purchase

Today my Ulta purchase came in the mail. Due to the lack of sleep and stress I have been under, I figured that I would purchase an eye cream. Since Ulta is having their 21 Days of Beauty, some other brands are on sale as well. I never buy anything from their 21 Days of Beauty, because nothing appeals to me. I decided to get the Boots No 7 Beautiful Skin Overnight Revitalising Eye Balm. It was originally priced at $14.99, but I got it on sale for $12.74 and used the $3.50 coupon that they offer. It is 0.5 oz.

image1 - Copy (7)

image2 - Copy (4)

Sorry for the bad pictures, the weather outside today was horrible. Raining cats and dogs out all day! I plan on trying this out tomorrow night. Overtime this eye cream is suppose to improve dark circles and puffiness around the eye. I’m not expecting it to work like magic, but I hope it does improve the puffiness some. Well that is it for this post. Tomorrow I should be back with my March favs, so until then I’ll TTYL!!


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