MAC Purchases

So this post should have went up last night but I was tired. I am finally able to get some sleep. Some things have been going on and when I am down or feeling depressed, I like to shop.

So yesterday, my MAC order cam in the mail. How I wish we had a MAC counter or store where I live; the nearest store is like two hours away! But hey I have no problem ordering things off line. I got two single shadows and the pro palette eye shadow x2!

image1 - Copy (7)

image2 - Copy (4)

The shadow on the left is Ground Brown. It is described as being a deep rich brown, it is also matte. The one on the right is Brown Script. It is described as being a warm chestnut brown, it is matte2. I am not really in to bright, vibrant colors, I am more of a neutral kind of girl.

image3 - Copy (3)

This is my first time purchasing MAC eye shadows. I am already in love and cannot wait to try them out and buy more! Tomorrow, my Ulta purchase will be here, so hopefully I can have that up by tomorrow night.

Thanks for reading and I’ll talk to you all later!


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