Mini Sephora Haul😀

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So this is my very first “haul” somewhat from Sephora!! I’ve been to the store literally ONCE to get color matched, but never purchased anything. This past Saturday, I decided to order two things from their site.I got two moisturizers, one for night and the day, three perfume samples, and a deluxe sample of a Clinique product. But first, I want to start with the packaging of these products, more like how things looked once I opened the box.

The box lol.

image1 - Copy (8)

Once opened.

image2 - Copy (5)

So here’s the problem I have. This is just basically shoe box paper! NO bubble wrap was I the box. At least when I ordered from Ulta, they put bubble wrap all over the box. This had bubble wrap only on the bottom.

Samples: Philosophy, Yves Saint Laurent & Flower by Kenzo

image4 - Copy


image3 - Copy (4)

They actually replaced my Balenciaga with this Kenzo one because I saw that they ran out. But when I ordered the sample, it was in stock. Hmmmmm……

Clinique Smart Custom-Repair Serum Deluxe Sample


Boscia Super-Charge Overnight Moisture (1.4 oz.) $36

image6 - Copy

Fresh Lotus Youth Preserve Face Cream w/ Super 7 Complex (0.5 oz.) $16.50


They also sent a note of some kind.


As you can see, I haven’t opened ANYTHING! I just opened the box to make sure everything was there and intact! The one thing that I can say about Sephora is that I already love their shipping. I ordered on Saturday, they shipped Monday and I got everything Wednesday. When I ordered from Ulta, it took like 5 business days until I received my order. I am already in love with Sephora and cannot wait to order more things, mainly the Clarisonic!

Thanks for reading.


2 thoughts on “Mini Sephora Haul😀

  1. I love my Clarisonic! Can’t wait to see when you order yours. Perhaps try Nordstrom because their return policy is fabulous (I don’t work there just shop FYI) and my sister in law just had to get hers replaced and they took it back no issues after over a year. Just a tip since they are pricey. Looks like you got some lovely products!

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