Washing My Makeup Brushes💧💦

So tonight I figured I’d show you all, more like tell/explain to you how I clean my makeup brushes. I have a nice handful of brushes and a Real Techniques sponge, but I only use 4! I use my foundation brush, blush brush, powder brush and my eye shadow brush.

Brush Washing

This is what they look like wet and drying. As you can see, I use Johnson’s baby wash. I put some of this in my hand, run warm water in it and then swirl my brushes around to get them clean. Then I squeeze the excess water out. I lay them flat on a paper towel to dry over night. They return to their natural state. Since I do not wear makeup on a daily basis, I do try to clean them the same night. I have blemished skin, so when I do want to wear makeup, it’s nice to have clean brushes at my disposal. I know this was short and sweet, but for me cleaning my brushes IS short and sweet! Until next time….✌


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