Dove #OneChallenge­čÜ┐

dove one challenge

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So this past week, I did the Dove #OneShowerChallenge. This bottle of Dove body wash was sent to me via me going to the Dove website and asking for a free sample. I decided to go with the Deep Moisture, because I have dry skin. I love the smell of this body wash, the scent is lovely and not over powering. In fact, it fades as soon as I get out the shower.

Now for the bad part. I don’t know if it is because the bottle is sooo small, but I had to use a lot of this product. I’ve used Dove body washes before and never had this problem. It hardly had any suds (bubbles) when I lathered it up. I do want to purchase the bigger bottle, probably a different scent, and hopefully it lathers better.

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Thanks for reading!

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