Current Lip Combo

So this will be a quick and short post. I decided to play around with my one and ONLY (yes ladies ONLY) lipstick! My M.A.C. Polished Up lipstick. I’ve had this lipstick since probably June or July and I’ve started wearing it alot. The website describes it as a Lustre Foxy Brown color. I also paired it with NYX Brown lip pencil.

image (1)

image (2)

image - Copy

This is when I first applied it.

image - Copy (2)

image (1) - Copy

These last two pics were taken after a few drinks and as you can see, the product is still on. I can’t wait to purchase more lipsticks from them in the future. I’m trying to use up all my products before I buy more, but I think I need another lipstick sooner rather than later!! I purchased it here. Thanks for reading guys.



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