Something New

So tonight I wanted to tell you all about a website that gives out free sample every month to its subscribers, It’s called PINCHme. Basically, you sign up, fill out your profile and wait for them to offer you samples. I signed up in last June, so my first box was sent to me in July. At the time, I only had two offers available to me. I had the Skinnygirl bar and Sinful Colors nail polish.



I believe that the packaging could be better.




Here lies my problem with what I received. They sent me the wrong Skinnygirl bar. I ordered the dark chocolate multi-grain pretzel and they sent me chocolate peanut butter with sea salt! A little disappointing, but I’ll live. Haven’t tried it yet though. Another thing as this nail polish. I selected Open Seas, as you can see it’s a green looking color, something that I would not have personally chose if I was in the store. I chose this because they only have two colors and they do not have a selection of the colors for one to see. I mean don’t get me wrong, I will try everything that was given to me. It was free so…

I did just place another order on July 16. This time I will be receiving 5 or 6 products. It does take the products like a month to come in the mail, but to me it’s worth the wait.

Thanks for reading.


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