Mini Haul (and I do mean MINI)

So a couple of days ago, I received a package that I ordered from MAC cosmetics (I have an obsession). I got the Studio Moisture Cream & the Cleanse Off Oil. I got these because I wanted to incorporate them into my skincare regimen.

I’ve only used the studio moisture cream so far. I got this mainly for my cheeks. They have started to become dry and flaky. When I applied this to my cheeks, I swear it was like instant moisture! It blended in nicely.

Now for the cleanse off oil; haven’t used this yet. I’ve been in a makeup rut lately. When I do wear makeup, I usually take it off with wipes, but I wanted to try something different. So hopefully soon, I’ll have an update on this.

Both of these products retailed for $10. They are apart of the Sized to Go collections. I know for a fact that I’ll be repurchasing the Studio Moisture Cream because I love how it feels on my skin. It’s really hydrating! I use it day and night. (Below are pics of the products).


Have any of you tried these products before? If so, tell me your experiences with them.

Thanks for reading☺

5 thoughts on “Mini Haul (and I do mean MINI)

  1. I totally get the obsession thing I have a makeup addiction too. I hear so many good things about MAC but the one time I actually tried it I ended up hating it. What is you all time MAC go to product?

    • I just recently purchased 3 lipsticks in Polished Up, Viva Glam Rihanna, & Dare You. I have to say that Polished Up is the best out of the three because it looks great on anyone! I wear it almost everyday!

      • I’ll have to look into their lipsticks I have only tried their eyeshadows.. I was really into their Maleficint line but I’m still not sure if its worth the money

  2. I didn’t like their Maleficent line. I thought that the eyeshadows would be similar to the cartoon version. I’m just getting into MAC so I’m still testing the waters lol.

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