30 Day Challenge: Day 13

Today’s challenge: Three confessions of your choice.

Hmm this is a hard one….ummm I really don’t have any confessions. I’m an pretty up front type of person. If something is wrong or bothering me, I’ll let it be known. I don’t hold grudges but I will never forget! Oh here’s one:

I’m officially a MAC lover!! Lol I know it’s silly but I have just discovered all things MAC. I told myself a long LONG time ago that I would NEVER buy a MAC product! Well times have changed and I’m slowly but surely stocking up on lipsticks and skincare stuff. Soon I hope to get some eyeshadow pigments. I know that this was short & sweet yet again but like I said I’m an up front type of person; no confessions here except that I officially ❤ MAC😜! Thanks for reading. I hope you enjoyed this challenge!



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