30 Day Challenge: Day 5

Day 5 consists of: Five places I want to visit

1. Hawaii. I don’t know what part of Hawaii though. The scenery looks amazing every time I see pictures. I would like a nice vacation there.
2. Louisiana. See, my BF’s family is there and I have yet to meet any of them! We’ve been together for 4 yrs now and I think it’s time lol😜
3. Miami. I want to go there and just chill. I was gonna move there last year, but I decided to continue my education here in my home town. Plus I’ve watched enough Burn Notice to see that “Miami” looks great!
4. The Ellen Show! I love this lady. Her attitude is all about being kind to one another and having fun! I’ve always just wanted to go to her show, even the rift raft room if I didn’t make it to the audience. Her smile just lights up a room and she always makes me laugh.
5. I have honestly no idea where else I would like to visit! I mean I’m a 27 yr old whose laid back and I’m a college student. So just accomplishing one of the four that I mentioned is good enough for me😁

This was suppose to be 5 but I came up with 4. Maybe tomorrow, these posts will be better lol. I’m happy!!!


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