30 Day Challenge: Day 3

Describe my day in great detail..

Well this morning started out by me packing up all of my things; I moved again! Because of this, I was almost late for class. I sat in global history for an hour and fifteen min., listening to a boring lecture. After that, I have a 45 min break. I ate some cookies and surfed the web on my phone.

Next, I went to my math class, I class that I love! I think it’s because of my new teacher, she teaches well and to where I can understand it! This class lasts 2 hours, but we always get out 15 min early. Once I leave math, I usually go home, but I went to Ulta (pics coming soon..). I went home finally after all of this.

To sum my day up in one word would be exhausting!! I officially have a headache. I hate moving and rushing things but hey that’s life right? Lol. Any who, I shall continue my evening watching season one of The Good Wife and I hope you have enjoyed this very short post of my day today😊



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