30 Day Challenge

Yes! I’m following the trend of the 30 day challenges. I guess one , because I’m bored (lol), & two, I want to get better at blogging. Here’s day one:

Write some basic things about yourself.

Well first off, my name is Whitney. I’m 27 yrs old. I live in Jacksonville,NC and I absolutely hate it! It’s a military town which means finding a job here sucks BIG TIME! I was born here, then moved; moved back because my dad retired from the military. Been here since ’95. There are some good things about this place like my family and my boyfriend. Coincidentally, this is where I met my boyfriend of 4 years!

My life now, I’m in school to become a Social Worker. I love hanging out with my family and boyfriend whenever I can. School is taking over my life at the moment 😔. But oh well gotta do what I gotta do right? I also have a dog, a German Shepard to be exact. He’s such a lovely, playful dog. All black with brown eyes, I could just squeeze him (if he’d let me) lol.

Well that’s ME in a nutshell! Just an average girl trying to make it out if this town!! In due time….👊😝✨💋



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