Went to Sephora Today


Went to Sephora today, just so I could get color matched! Man was I excited😁. They basically, used the color I.D. machine to match me. They put it on my cheek and forehead. It literally took less than 5 minutes to do. And the lady was nice about the whole process. I keep hearing about them being rude, but she was nice to my cousin and I.

I can’t wait to try some of the foundations that were matched with me; I actually got matched with Dior and Urban Decay and I really want to try those. I was matched with about 10 or 12 different foundations, but those are the ones I will try first! All in all, today was a great day, the 2 hr ride was worth it! Until next time Loves….✌

2 thoughts on “Went to Sephora Today

  1. Make sure you sample them first before you buy! Sephora is great with giving out samples of products when you ask – I was color matched too, but a few of the ones I tried did not match me at all! I’ve heard that system can be iffy.

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