New Fav: Kardashian Beauty lippies


Tonight, I decided to do a quick review on the Kardashian Beauty line, mainly the Honey Stick lip glosses. A little iffy at first, but I’m so happy I tried these out.

First, I would like to review the Wild Honey lippy.


Now, this lip gloss at first has a strong honey smell to it like a mix of honey and berries. It applies smooth and a little sticky. It also has glitter in it which I like because I want people to be able to see what I’m wearing.

The second lip gloss I would like to mention would be the Honey Stick lippy.


I must say, that out of these two, this one is my fav!! It smells like vanilla icing; I just want to eat it lol. This also has glitter in it as well. I can wear this with anything because it’s like a pinkish nude color.

All in all, I think that the Kardashians did a great job with this product. I love the packaging. I got mine from Ulta for around $9 each. I feel as though these glosses are more of a lip stain because they are hard to wipe off and if it does come off, it’s still there! If you have not tried these I think you should; it’s a great investment in my book! I can’t wait to try their Joystick Lip Lacquer next.


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